We have a "resting" alliance for when the demands of Real Life prevent you from putting in the time to really crush in the game. This is especially important for bounty events where we need all hands on deck through most of the weekend collaborating and killing bounties.

If you won't be able to play for awhile, or your weekend will be too busy to allow you to hit the bounty quota (3000x Your-Team's-Power), just hop over to our rest alliance and take it easy for awhile. Astrid is currently the Commander there, and the name of the alliance is "Relaxing Bloodbath [BYOBR]"

Both alliances are set to Open, so whenever you think you've got the time to give it your all, you are welcome to just come right back!

We think this arrangement will open up slots in BYOBB for new players to join, and give existing veterans the flexibility they need. After, it's just a game and you have a life out there.