PvP Tips

Everyone plays differently and you may need to tweak these tips to suit your own needs. Use what works for you and adapt the rest or leave it out. If you come up with good tips on your own, send them to Astrid or Yishan to be added here.

Quick Tips for New People

Upgrade your Dogface and Panzer! If you don't have at least one of these, prioritize getting one of these heroes! They should be your top power heroes.

Make sure you have at least two strong healers. After Dogface/Panzer, prioritize upgrading your healers.

Team Formation and Preparation

Team formation is key. A good setup is 1-2 DPS (damage-per-second, i.e. high-damage heroes), 1-2 shielders, and almost always 2 healers.

A team with no healers is likely to die too quickly, and a team that's all healers with no DPS won't be able do enough damage to overcome the healing effects of the enemy team.

Heroes who have powers that significantly alter the game include:

At Bronze:
  • Flatline: can resurrect a dead hero a theoretically infinite number of times
  • Nightingale: rapid early heal; with her combat medic skin, she heals the entire team
  • Gammond: long-duration healer, but takes time to charge

  • At Silver:
  • Dogface: once his powers come online, can deliver very high DPS to 1-2 targets
  • Panzer: breaks cover, also delivers very high DPS for a short period (long reload). See our special PvP guide for Panzer-led team here
  • Butter: breaks cover, shields the entire team
  • Fortress: Recharge power can potentially deal devastating amounts of damage to multiple targets
  • Caine: Counter Measure power is an extremely effective shield for allied heroes

  • At Gold:
  • Heimlock: Multiple healing powers, boosts initial health of entire team
  • Cast: Becomes an unusually durable tank at Gold
  • Keel: Scavenge heals weakest hero whenever any cover is broken, this can be exploited by piloting a cover-breaking hero to heal very fast and very often
  • Mandrake: All other heroes become invisible when dropping under 30% health, and recover health. This causes any CPU-controlled enemy to stop targeting them
  • Sentry: 65% chance to stagger (and do extra damage) on every hit

  • At Plat:
  • Ifrit: can resurrect dead heroes
  • Halo: when any hero damages an enemy using an ability, 50% chance to deal additional damage; also a healer

  • Your goal during non-PvP times should be to get as many of the above heroes (plus other ones that fit your style) to the Grade (bronze, silver, gold, or plat) where their game-changing powers become available. Sometimes the other powers of that hero are also beneficial but not always...

    ...if a hero's skill is not beneficial, you should not spend any skill points on it. Spending skill points on a hero's skill that doesn't help you raises the hero's power, which is used to calculate your team power and thus for matchmaking: you want the lowest possible team power so that you are more likely to be matched with slightly weaker opponents.

    Healers are important, so here is a list of healers:

  • Operator: heals most-damaged hero
  • Moss: sacrifices health to heal; area heal
  • Hardscope: healing drone
  • Keel: heals hero and their cover; heals weakest hero upon breaking any cover
  • Matador: team heal
  • Gammond: long, slow team heal
  • Halo: limited heal based on a hero falling below 50% health
  • Francoise: targeted heal, cleanses negative effects
  • Nightingale: fast targetable heal; changes to team heal with combat medic skin
  • Heimlock: multiple team heals
  • Flatline: revive power heals most-damaged hero if no heroes are dead
  • Ifrit: single heal that transfers until entire heal amount is used

  • Other heroes may have lesser self-healing powers, etc. Mandrake also heals heroes up to 50% (or 8 seconds) when they drop below 30% health.

    Learn about the heroes! (Even if you don't have them) Read their skills and learn what they can do to you and for you. If you're not familiar with the heroes it's hard to prioritize which ones to take out first. It also makes it difficult to know which heroes work well with each other and will have good synergy on a team together.

    Try to slow your team leveling: It's advantageous to remain below Level 60 for as long as possible, because the Level 60+ bracket in PvP tournaments is dramatically harder. Unlike other games, leveling slow is better, at least for PvP.

    When the Match is About to Start

    Size up the opponent's team quickly: Which heroes are strongest? Which heroes are weakest? Which ones are the damage-dealers (DPS)? Which ones are the healers? Which ones do your DPS heroes have an elemental advantage against?

    You will want to make a decision as to which enemy hero to target first. Depending on the enemy's exact team, this could be any of the following:

  • Their weakest hero (lowest level/grade/stars): can be killed the fastest
  • Their strongest hero (highest level/grade/stars or DPS): makes it so they can't hurt you, assuming you have good healers
  • Their healer(s): makes it so as you kill the other heroes they won't heal
  • The hero who has an elemental weakness against your team's DPS: can be killed the fastest

  • You have a few seconds to scan the enemy team and make this decision. With a bit of practice, you'll get a good sense of what option is best.

    Pay attention to and memorize (over time) the opposing hero placements on each map. From playing a lot of matches, you will learn where each hero will be located on each one of the different maps (there aren't many maps). This helps a lot in targeting heroes and taking them out quickly.

    Actual Fighting

    Playing on auto is ok, but you need to pick which enemy to target. When the hero you are controlling is reloading or stunned, jump to another hero to maximize damage.

    Times when you may not want to play on auto include:

  • Focusing on headshots: if you are good at this, it really does extra damage
  • Panzer's Breach and Clear power does extra damage when fired at an enemy at full health; this is very difficult to do when using auto
  • Specifically trying to break cover to trigger Keel's scavenge power
  • Trying to time (usually delaying) the triggering of certain powers

  • Always kill Flatline first if she's on the other team. (Platinum Ifrit too) Most people know this, but you'd be surprised how many people don't do it. It makes little sense to kill other heroes when Flatline/Ifrit can just revive them.


    Before an event starts, a good strategy is to play some Free Play PvP games and experiment with different teams to find your best team. Then stick to this team during the event and only spend your revives (if you decide to revive) on that team and don't deviate, because it's your best team.

    Be patient, be smart, and have fun!