Halloween 2018 Pumpkin Locations

This list is just a textual version of this collab doc.

Normal Campaign:
61. 1-2, in the corner of a building with a turret in it, phase 1 and 2, need sniper hero to hit it; about 20-30 degrees to your right and look up.
1. 1-3, phase 1, look behind the row of soldiers
91. 1-4, shoot closest taxi, it's inside
62. 1-5, need to use rear-line hero, look between some shipping containers next to one of the guns to the left of where Cross appears, blue pumpkin
2. 1-6, in front of billboard, phase 2
3. 1-10, need rear-line hero, on top of the eagle, look up
4. 2-1, to the right, ground level, phase 1
63. 2-5, need rear-line hero, to the right, barely peeking above a fence, in front of the bus in the distance
5. 2-7, on the Justice statue scale
6. 2-9, on the right, visible from rear-line
7. 3-1, on top of the arch to the left
8. 3-3, on the far riverbank to the right of the bridge
64. 3-4, to your far right as you start, on top of a lamppost
9. 3-10, on the empty platform to the right, start of phase 2
10. 4-2, phase 1, in the acid to the right up front
65. 4-3, use mid-line hero, phase 2, move to right side and look all the way back from left OR use front-line hero, phase 1, go all the way to the right, turn around left
11. 4-9, to the left up on the second story
12. 5-1, on the end of the trailer, almost dead center
13. 5-7, on the top of the semi-truck
66. 5-9, use rear-line, move to far right and look at top of ship
67. 6-2, phase 2, to your left after you jump down behind the debris
92. 6-2, phase 2, turn 180 to pile of rubble and break it, use midline hero
14. 6-5, phase 1, a bit to the left, sitting next to a train
15. 6-8, hanging from the arch over the stairs
16. 7-2, under the left-side lantern up high
17. 7-6, phase 1, on top of the "sushi king" sign to the right
68. 7-8, phase 1, use midline hero, move left look on the bottom left of the bridge
69. 8-3, front line hero move left and it's in one of the cells
18. 8-4, under the bed
19. 8-10, left side, above the big pipes up front
20. 9-1, phase 2, to the right, inside one of the sewer grates on the wall
70. 9-2, blue pumpkin, phase 1, halfway up the wall and to the right, small crack, use rear-line hero to see
21. 9-7, works best if rear-line hero, turn to your left on phase 2
22. 10-4, phase 1, at base of tree
71. 10-7, use front-line hero, bunker on the left, in the left corner of the door and ground level
23. 10-9, right in front as you start
72. 11-2, front-line move to the car in the middle, look down right on the big hole
24. 11-3, right in front behind the chain-link fence
93. 11-4, front-line hero, move towards the left-most cover, look back right, the desk behind the right cover
25. 11-8, at the beginning turn directly to your left, sitting on a mech

Hard Campaign:
26. 1-1, need front-line (ground-leve) hero, to the left of where the enemies emerge
27. 1-7, behind the mailbox, on ground level
73. 1-8, through doorway in building straight ahead
28. 1-9, to the left on the ground among some plants
29, 2-3, first phase, up on a fire escape
30. 2-5, under wheels of the truck to your left
74. 2-7, inside a shipping container
31. 2-10, on the far left side of the stairs, phase 1
32. 3-2, under and behind the cannon, phase 1 and 2
33. 3-5, phase 1, top right side of left bunker
94. 3-5, phase 2, behind the middle barrier on top of the bridge
34. 3-9, under the top-most right cannon
75. 3-9, under the ground of the left cannon, rear-line hero move to the right of map and look at the left cannon
35. 4-4, rear-line hero look at left
36. 4-10, rear-line hero to look at tower right in front of you, in the tower
76. 4-10, up to your left, using rear-line hero, look on top of mech shadow danging from the crane
77. 5-2, use a mid-line hero, look top left at the corner of walkway
37. 5-4, phase 1, towards the right, up on top of the ship
38. 5-8, look left, above the truck
39. 6-4, phase 1, hanging on the right crane
40. 6-6, left side, top of train
78. 6-7, last train cabin on the far right just inside, use front-line hero move left
41. 7-1, in a third-story window above a red vertical banner
79. 7-4, rear-line hero, on the far left is a china doll, in her hands in a rare pumpkin
42. 7-7, in front of the grocery store, to your right
43. 8-1, phase 1 on the wall directly in front and to the right
44. 8-6, phase 1 and 2, top in the cage
80. 8-7, phase 1, rear-line hero look at ground floor open door, in the bathtub
84. 8-9, rear-line move towards right side of map, hidden below and behind a PC
45. 9-3, in front on the pipe along the wall
95. 9-5, blow up razorback's pile of gold to the right of his throne
46. 9-8, under the staircase on the front and center
81. 9-9, phase 1, right under a small ramp you run over as the mission loads, use front-line hero to look left or right near feet
82. 10-2, on top of boat furthest to the right
47. 10-3, in the engine of the plane
48. 10-6, left side of starting area against building
49. 11-1, in front of you
? 50. 11-7, top in front of you
? 83. 11-9, in the stands on the left

51. Subway: up in the ceiling above the middle, visible from front/mid-line
85. Subway: Top left/right (depends on your team), above the beam. Take a rear-line hero all the way to the top of stairs and look across for blue pumpkin
52. Atrium: off to the left, in the hallway leading away from you
86. Atrium: second floor, opposite the first pumpkin, break wall to reveal blue pumpkin
53. Sewer: side wall inside the tunnel, use a front-line hero
54. Shipyard: behind the pile of tires
55. Terminal: ground floor on the side, in a hallway leading away from you
96. Terminal: ground floor towards the far windows, break a lot of benches to reveal

Solo Raids:
58. Mech: phase 1, to the left behind barrels
88. Energy: phase 1, rear-line hero look at right-back, above container

98. Bioehcm: phase 3, rear-line hero, move to left-most position look back up top right of the building support

59. Gorgon Wakes: Look back at your old position when you're fighting the boss, it should be underneath the platform.
60. Dojo: right corner of phase 1
89. Gorgon Wakes: blue pumpkin, underneath a jet in the distance on the right side
90. Dojo: phase 2, break the boxes to the left in front of the stage to reveal blue pumpkin, can also be hit from phase 1 if you shoot from the ground level
99. Gorgon Wakes: on top of the second to the left lamp post (you can't see it, just aim above it), best if done in phase 1 as it's impossible if you go left in phase 2
100. Dojo: left side in the back of phase 2, shoot the boxes

56. 1-1 in the cargo crate in the middle, need rear-line hero move far to the right to see it
87. 1-3 upper level, second-from-left jail cell on the wall opposite you, blow up the stack of gold inside to reveal blue pumpkin
57. 2-1 or 3-1 top right on the wall
97. 4-1 or 5-1 far left side, destroy police SUV to reveal