We're not yet a top-power alliance, so our success depends on teamwork and communication to maximize damage and scores:

Here's how we achieve that:

  • Make sure you call your bounty in chat before hitting it. Call the hero name and their level, e.g. "Butter 60" before engaging.

  • When you're done with a bounty, call again to tell people you are off, e.g. "off Butter 60" or "need help finishing Butter 60"

  • Please do not hit a bounty that someone else has called. Wait until they finish it or call off.

  • If someone is not calling or jumped on your bounty, please don't call them out in chat. Just let an officer know, we'll take care of it. Repeated violations of the calling rule will result in being kicked.

  • If you call a bounty at the same time as someone else and they say they summoned/generated it, let them have it, of course.

  • Damage Quota

    You should aim to do at least 3000 x [Your Total Power] for a bounty event.

    For example, if your team's total power is 350,000, you should aim to do 3000 times that, or 1,050,000,000 damage total over three days.

    It's very possible to do twice that or more, even without using any revives. See below for tips.

    Maximizing Your Damage

  • I know everyone wants to jump in fast as soon as you see a good bounty, but the big secret is you don't need to hurry. Pick the right bounty, hit "Hunt" to see if anyone's on it and then go into chat to call it. If someone else calls it, don't worry - you will find another one. As long as you have 2 bolts or less on your hero, you can take your time finding a bounty. Just because someone grabbed a bounty you wanted doesn't mean he's going to do it again - he just used up a bolt.

  • Avoid Sapphyr, Mandrake, and Fischer. Their invisibility severely crimps damage.

  • Consistency is more important than speed. Check in every 2-3 hours (as real life permits) and play your bolts. Try to not let your heroes sit at 3 bolts, but once you have it down to 2 bolts or less, you can take your time to find the next bounty.

  • Use your weaker teams to help finish off bounties. Remember that we don't get points just for damage, we only get points for finishing bounties. That's why it's important to call when you go off a bounty - so someone can jump in to help, which clears the bounty faster, earns points, and makes room to generate more bounties.

  • We have members with widely varying power levels. Powerful players: hit the big bounties and let the weaker players hit the lower-level bounties! Save your weaker teams to help finish off bounties. This maximizes overall collective score.

  • For the newer people: Make sure you use your elemental advantage - use a green team against orange bounties, blue against green bounties, orange against blue. Sometimes you can use same-color, e.g. blue team on blue bounty, if it's a desperate situation to finish a bounty that's about to escape, or that team has 3 bolts and you can't find any elemental-advantaged (like green for your blue team) bounties.

  • For the numbers types: Keep a text file noting how much damage each of your teams does against what power level and color of bounty. This will let you figure out quite accurately whether you can "finish off" a partial bounty using that weaker team, and it also helps you figure out your "sweet spot" and how big a bounty you can take on.

  • Note which of your heroes within a team of 5 actually do the most damage to the bounty. In bounty, DPS matters more than healers.

  • Finding More Bounties

  • A good strategy for Bounty Weekend is to not play the other game modes at all until there are no bounties you can hit: save your stamina and wins. When there aren't any bounties you can hit, then play some missions (this generates new bounties).

  • But make sure you check how many active bounties there are first! If there are 25 active bounties, it won't generate any more until some have been killed/escaped.

  • Summoning bounties is actually pretty cost-effective. Stockpile bucks or gold (to buy bucks) for a couple days before bounty weekend, and then use it to summon bounties when there are less than 10 available.

  • Preparing For Bounty Weekend

  • Try to get all your heroes at least to gold.

  • Prioritize the heroes who get damage/health bonus in this month's event (typically it's the featured faction).

  • Be patient, be smart, and have fun!